Monday, 14 July 2014

My name is Karen & I'm a Knit-a-holic!!!

My name is Karen & I'm a knit-a-holic!

I LOVE KNITTING!!! I can think of nothing better than getting out needles & yarn, making a cuppa tea and getting stuck into this art form.

Sadly I have done both my wrists in knitting too much!!! 

This truly sucks!

MY knitting is my own version of yoga. No "downward facing dog" for me, no sirree, give me a set of needles and a little yarn and I am a happy camper.  I a little nuts where knitting is concerned.

I haven't always been a keen knitter. I learnt to knit at age seven when my Grandmother taught me and over the years I have made an assortment of items for friend, family and even for myself on occasion but it took a special event in my life to turn my enjoyment of knitting into obsession!

Last year our oldest son announced that he & his gorgeous partner were expecting our first grand child. Its been a very long time since I looked at baby patterns but once I'd opened that door I was a goner.

Fast forward to May this year and the beautiful Sienna Rose was born and he very proud Nana has been knitting like a crazy woman ever since.

Here Sienna is modeling the Baby blanket I made with Crofters Yarn by Sirdar.